Whirlpool 20RBD4

Published: 28th August 2009
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The Whirlpool 20RBD4 refrigerator employs advanced cooling and food storage systems to guarantee the freshness and hygiene of foods and beverages. It makes use of the trademark 6th Sense technology of Whirlpool to adapt and maintain the most advantageous temperature levels. This result to foods and beverages kept fresh and cold in the best and most efficient way possible. Space is also not compromised as this refrigerator has enough number of bins and shelves inside to hold various sizes of foods and drinks. It is also very efficient in terms of energy utilization. And with its good looks, it is not hard to understand why this refrigerator is one of the best among Whirlpools roster of fridges.

This model comes with the revolutionary 6th Sense technology from Whirlpool.

This system allows the fridge to sense, adapt and maintain optimum levels of

temperature to ensure that the food not only looks good, but also tastes fresh.

It also has a total no frost system that prevents ice build up. It also takes

away the need for defrosting through the circulation of chilled air around the

freezer and refrigerator to reduce the humidity and consequently prevent ice

formation. With this system there is absolutely no condensation on the food

and fridge walls.

This model also comes with an internal water filter so owners can get filtered,

cool water at a touch of a button. This water filter securely filters out the

impurities in water, giving out only cool and filtered water directly to a dispenser

located in front of the fridge. This is a lot cheaper and convenient to have

than buying bottled water. This model also comes with an in-door-ice system

that saves approximately 20% of the freezer space. By putting the icebox in

the door, there is more space in the freezer. Likewise, energy is saved because

there is no need to open the door to get cubed or crushed ice and water.

The Whirlpool 20RBD4 refrigerator also is very energy efficient with a rating

of A+. It can consume a mere 500 kWh in a year, which is a steal considering

the great freezing and cooling performance it churns out. With its wide array

of features, this refrigerator is one appliance you definitely should check


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